Serotonin for Sleep

Many people that suffer with sleep problems do not have enough serotonin for sleep. Most people know that low levels of serotonin affect your mood and can lead to depression. What most people do not realize is that sleep and serotonin are so closely related.

Sleep problems are very common, in fact it is estimated that one third of the worlds population are dangerously sleep deprived and an even greater number will suffer from sleep problems either infrequently or temporarily. This can lead to many other far reaching problems.

The obvious problems that most of us are aware of are irritability and exhaustion. But other issues, that many suffer with, but do not associate with their sleep problems and low levels of serotonin, include severe headaches, pessimism and lack of vitality, light headedness, nausea and muscle discomfort, appetite irregularities, either starvation or lack of appetite, stress and inability to complete tasks, no matter how small, lack of focus and at the extreme end of the scale, rage, ADHD (Attention deficit hyper-activity disorder), loss of memory and hallucinations.

Low levels of serotonin for sleep can also be a contributory factor in Sleep Apnea (abnormal pauses in breathing during sleep). Serotonin in the body regulates the contraction and relaxation of blood vessels. It is well known, that malfunctions in the cardiovascular system have a major affect on Sleep Apnea and that increasing serotonin levels in the blood has a direct positive affect on Sleep Apnea.

Many factors can lead to low levels of serotonin in the body including use of prescription medications and over consumption of alcohol and caffeine. Physical conditions can also produce low levels of serotonin for sleep and mood, such as increased levels of stress, lack of sleep, lack of exposure to sunlight, lack of exercise and a poor diet. You will notice that many of those contributory factors are also mentioned as symptoms of low levels of serotonin. So it is a vicious circle that sufferers of depression and sleep disorders need to break.

Another benefit of increasing serotonin levels in the body is that it kills pain. For this reason anti-depressants are often prescribed for chronic pain sufferers. Increasing serotonin in the body eases pain, partly because it improves your mood and makes pain less noticeable, but it also blocks the perception of pain in the brain and increases the flexibility of veins, arteries and capillaries. Of course the fact that it improves sleep is another factor in dealing with pain and recovery.

So if you are suffering with low levels of serotonin for sleep, depression, stress, anxiety or pain, how do you go about increasing your levels of serotonin to help you overcome any or all of these ills?

Well doctors liberally dispense prescriptions for anti-depressants; Prozac is arguably one of the most well known drugs in the world. Anti depressants operate by reducing the amount of serotonin that is taken up by the neurons of the brain, so that there is more serotonin around in the body. Most anti-depressants are termed SSRIs, Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors.

But many people are not keen to take anti-depressants and get them selves hooked, quite often for life. So they would prefer a more natural method of increasing their serotonin levels. This can be achieved with some lifestyle changes.

Physical exercise is known to increase serotonin levels and meditation brings on calmness, reduces stress and anxiety, eases pain and stops those issues stealing your valuable serotonin.

However many people find meditation difficult to begin with. They are not used to relaxing their minds and find it difficult to reduce their brain activity and produce those theta brainwaves that are required. This is where the Mind Sync MP3’s can help. You simply download the MP3 and listen to it through headphones and in around 8 minutes the frequencies are guaranteed to alter you minds state. The program lasts for 20 minutes and the benefit of that induced relaxation can be felt throughout your day.

You can access the Mind Sync MP3s from the link below and download them immediately. So you could be relaxing and increasing your serotonin levels for sleep within minutes.

Bear in mind that the cost of the MP3 is probably less than the cost of a single prescription for an anti depressant and you can use the MP3 over and over again without ever paying again and there is no danger of overdosing or over medicating.