Peace Has Broken Out Between Delta and Jessie

On Sundays blind auditions of The Voice the female rivalry was billed to resume. The scene for the Delta/Jessie battle field was set from the offset.

The first contestant up was Tamara O’Callaghan who sang Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend in a basic sort of Marilyn Munroe impersonation. Marilyn traded on her sex appeal and wasn’t really a singer, Tamara did pretty much the same. Her boyfriend really set us up for what to expect, when he said that the only thing close to her looks was her voice, which is not a huge benefit when the judges can’t see you.

Once again Jessie J told it like it is, while Delta Goodrem tried to put a positive spin on a pretty ordinary audition. While Jessie made another valid point Delta took off her mic and walked off the set. This appeared to be a script that Delta was working to, while Jessiewas unaware.

A truce was called in the ‘feud’ after some interview segments tried to convince us how real it was. Jessie and Delta were all pally and sweetness and light together for the remainder of the show, and even ended up collaborating on some harmonies.

Next up was Mahalate Teshome, who had only ever sung in front of an audience at two weddings previously. She was nervous and stumbled over some words. But she had some good qualities to her voice. She seemed to be far from ready for prime time, but Jessie Jand the Maddens turned for her. She chose Jessie.

Stephen McCulloch sang the Cat Stevens‘ 60′s classic Father and Son. The intro is sung in a lower key and initially I was not very impressed, but he was so much better in the second part. Delta turned and it will be good to see what he does next.

I liked Hailey Marie McFadden‘s version ofWicked Game. I thought that she had some very interesting components in her voice, but no one turned, so we won’t get to see more of her… this year anyway.

Jeremy Ryan from Perth and his 7 kids had featured in all the promos for the show and his last note was not as big as it had been billed, but he did sing very well. Ricky Martin played to the crowd, surrounding himself with the kids, as a sort hunky Latin Santa Clause. It seemed to have been effective and persuaded Ryan to join Team Ricky.

It’s quite amazing how the show is used as a launching pad for so much self consuming media. Jeremy Ryan‘s audition prompted a plug for a web video and a segment on A Current Affair, where they will in turn plug The Voice, it’s a never ending circle.

I was kind of confused by Jake Howden‘s audition. It was a mixture of interesting and off key. Delta turned after a lot of teasing by her and the Maddens. We may find that more exposure to Jake will reveal his true abilities. At the moment my jury is out.

Country singer Temeaka Powell from central Queensland had some nice qualities to her voice, but lacked any highlights for me and I wouldn’t have picked her based on that audition. The Madden Brothers disagreed and she is through to the Battle rounds.

The final competitor for the evening was Elizabeth Rimbo, who has done all her previous public singing in church. Although not religious myself, I am a huge fan of gospel music, but this really did not deserve a bigger audience. However Jessie J jumped on stage, to show her how it should be done. Not wanting to be left out, Delta and Ricky Martin joined her and the roof was raised, praise the lord and pass the cheese.

In case anyone doubts Jessie‘s authority to tell anyone how to sing gospel music, here she is killing it, as a blonde.

So it looks like the bitch fight promotion is over, for now, and I’d like to think that the show will concentrate on the contestants from here in. But I very much doubt it. They are paying a lot of money to have these international artists on The Voice panel, so I am sure that they will make the most of them.

The blind auditions continue on Monday and Tuesday this week.

We have links below to music from the battling judges, just click on them for more details.

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