Outsourcing Our Cleaning Needs is Working Best for Us

My wife and I have had a hard time hanging on to good employees. We’re not tough to work for at all. We simply expect employees to show up on time and do the work that they were hired to do. We just let go of someone who we employed to work as a part time helper in Singapore for us, and we were not sure what we should do next to make sure that we didn’t run into the same problem again quickly. We have always felt that we have been pretty lenient by not demanding that employees stick to a strict schedule for us, and sadly, the last employee took advantage of that.

My wife had the great idea to simply work with a company and their employees. She felt that we could simply call the company and ask that they send one of their employees over to do work for us on an as-needed basis. I was skeptical at first, but her plan actually worked. Now that we can simply pick up the phone and call for help when we need it, we’re finding that we’re now able to focus on things we need to get done without worrying about an employee that we need to watch carefully.

We have always been very dedicated workers ourselves. No matter what type of work we have done, we have made sure to give the work our all. We’ve learned that not everyone else treats their job the same way. It impedes our work when we get a new employee who promises to give their all, but they do sloppy work or don’t show up when they promise to do so. There have been many nights where my wife and I have had to fill in and handle the move out cleaning oursevles after we get done with our own work. We don’t have to deal with that now that we simply make a call to an outside company and they send one of their dedicated employees over to help us out.