My Assumptions Kept Me from Making Big Money

I knew that two of my best friends had been into Internet marketing for many years. I worked as a manager, so I really did not pay a lot of attention to what they were doing for a living because I was somewhat comfortably. I knew my job well and hadn’t thought of doing anything else. But when my friends started discussing Ewen Chia reviews and how he is helping to take Internet marketing to a new level, and further, how it was was helping to boost their pay to much more than I was making, I wanted to know more.

I have never been really good with technical things. My two friends are great with things like that, and that’s why they choose to make money the way they do. So, I never figured that I would have any interest in making money from something that had to do with the Internet. First, I would assumed it would be hard. Second, as I said before, I was never really good with things like that. I figured it would be a waste of my time to try. My friends and Ewen have shown me that I was very incorrect.

You do not need to be highly technical minded in order to make money with Internet marketing. The first step is to learn how to run your own blog online. That part is pretty easy. There are videos, websites and so much more that teach it and it can be done quickly. What is more important in this job is to learn how to market yourself well. So, after my friends pointed out who they were learning from, I spent my free time learning from him, too. I wanted to make the same type of money that they were making, and now I am.