Molestation Charges Dropped Against Aussie Cricketer Luke Pomersbach

The Indian Newspaper The Daily Bhaskar reports that the molestation charges leveled against Australian cricketer Luke Pomersbach have been dropped.

But rather than clear up the sordid tale of events the report only seems to serve more intrigue. Are the accusers opportunists, seeking to make some sort of gain out of the charges? The story says that no financial settlement was made. But Tweets from Sidhartha Mallya director of Pomersbach‘s IPLteam the Royal Chargers cast serious aspersions on the character of the accuser. But she is also expected to drop legal proceedings against him.

If nothing happened, why did all parties attend hospital and Pomersbach show up in court in a sling? Was this all part of the theatre?

There is no mention in the report of the assault charges which were filed against Pomersbach by the lady in questions ‘fiance’. I get the feeling the truth of this matter will be some time in coming out.

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court on Friday quashed the FIR against the Royal Challengers Bangalore player Luke Pomersbach for allegedly molesting the American woman Zohal Hamid.

The HC’s move came during the hearing of petition filed by Zohal seeking quashing of FIR against the Royal Challengers Bangalore player Luke Pomersbach.

Hamid’s lawyers had on Thursday filed a petition in the High Court to withdraw the case against Australian player Pomersbach, who was arrested last Friday and later granted bail.

The filing of petition by Zohal’s lawyer came as a much-needed relief for both Luke and RCB director Sidhartha Mallya.

The lawyer had reportedly informed the cops about Zohal moving the court for quashing the case.

Zohal is also expected to drop the legal proceedings against RCB director Sidhartha Mallya for casting aspersions on her character through tweets after she complained to police about molestation by the cricketer.

Mallya on Wednesday night had expressed his pleasure over the patch-up between the two parties. In a late night Tweet Sidhartha Mallya said: “So glad that all charges have been dropped and Luke can return down under A FREE MAN! (sic)”

However, Sidhartha clarified that the ‘patch-up’ between the two parties was not financial in any form. “Oh and btw, I know ppl can be cynical, so just so u know, the settlement wasn’t financial in any way! (sic),” Mallya wrote on Twitter.

The first indication to this out of court settlement came on Wednesday when Sahil’s brother Feroz claimed they did not want to pursue the case.

Royal Challengers player Luke Pomersbach was arrested last Friday after American national Zohal Hamid alleged he molested her and hit her fiance Sahil when he objected to the cricketer’s behaviour. Pomersbach was arrested and a court granted him bail later.

Defending his team player, Sidhartha on Friday took to Twitter saying: “The girl who is accusing Luke is saying he hit her ‘fiance’…what a load of f****** s***. She was all over me last night and asked for me bbm pin, so if he was her fiance she wasn’t exactly behaving like a future wife.”

Zohal had filed a defamation case after approaching the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) complaining about Siddharth’s tweets. More at IPL molestation:

Hopefully Luke Pomersbach will be back home in Western Australia soon without having spent time in an Indian jail. But I stand by my previous statement that the man should avoid alcohol if it brings him this kind of trouble.