It Makes More Sense to Work with a Web Design Company

Utterly frustrated with the website software I purchased, I decided that I needed something more than the instruction manual that it came with. I ordered some books online that are said to help newbies like me. I read so many reviews on the ones that I purchased with reviewers saying the books were instrumental in helping them. However, I must not be very tech-minded because they helped some, but I still made so many mistakes. I was beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t just hire a metro Detroit web design company to do the work for me, but I tried to persevere.

I think the hardest part for me in learning how to make a page is that I am simply not a creative guy. I know how to make some very simple graphics for things like our neighborhood newsletter, but that is not really good enough for a professional website. At first, I made graphics that had file sizes that were far too big and slowed things down. And then, when I tried to make things that were creative, they simply looked like something that an elementary school child would make. Actually, I take that back, many of today’s elementary school students could probably make graphics that look better than what I made!

Next, I realize that I did not make my page easy to navigate. When putting it together, I did so with my own thoughts in mind. After I had the page online to do a test run with several friends checking it out, I realized that it was not made with other people in mind. They found my attempts at putting something nice together as clumsy and confusing. At some point, I realized that I was just wasting time, and it made more sense to get someone far more experienced to do things right in the first place.