I Know How to Play a Little

Ever since I saw the rockers on MTV, I’ve always wanted to play the guitar. My parents couldn’t afford to give me guitar lessons, nor could they afford a guitar. We were dirt poor, and we were lucky to even have a place to stay and a meal to eat. Those were tough times, and things became better for me once I became an adult, but I still couldn’t afford lessons or a guitar. I took actions to change that. I had learned about Ewen Chia from some television shows that focused on people who earned money, and he became my ticket to a guitar.

I funded my guitar and guitar lessons by marketing through a self made website. Chia had done the same thing without a guitar as a motivation, and made millions from it. I’ll be ecstatic if I ever reach that same level, but for now, I’m just happy being able to pay for lessons. The work I put into the website paid off, and I bought my first guitar. It was a shiny black acoustic guitar that had the smoothest finish. I paid for a private teacher rather than using free online lessons, because the teacher can give me real time feedback about my playing.

Over time, I became better at playing the guitar. Learning to play the notes initially was hard, especially with some of the more difficult to finger notes, but my hands eventually became used to it. I go through guitar picks like candy thanks to all of the practicing that I’ve done. The moment I learned how to play a full song was one of the proudest moments of my life. It was a simple song about buns for sale, but it was still a song. I could even play a more stylized version of it.