Buying Corporate Gifts for All My Workers

When I went to a meeting about a year ago of local merchants, the talk turned to a company that sells corporate gifts in Singapore. I had never purchased gifts like this before, and it actually made me feel bad because most of the other companies present had been doing this for a long time. It was not that I neglected my workers, because I do give them a nice bonus at the end of the year. However, I did not give them special gifts through the year like my associates apparently do.

I went to the website of the company that does this, and I was impressed with what I saw. I do not have a huge budget, so I was not sure I would even be able to show my appreciation this way. I saw that this company that sells corporate gifts has every budget in mind though. Mine might be smaller than some of the other companies, but that did not mean that I was not able to still show my own workers that I appreciate all that they do to make our company the best in the industry.

I placed an order that first time I looked. I ordered tee shirts for everyone, because i was able to order them in quantities as low as 50. I have 44 people working for me, so this was perfect. I have since placed several more orders, and I am looking to place a new order now so we can start the new year out right. I am going to give them all luggage bags, and I am telling them that if we continue to grow this year, then I will give them each a paid week off so they can fill the luggage bag and go where ever they want to go!