A Headhunting Firm Helped Find My Perfect VP

I thought that I had the perfect management team three times. That is pretty sad when you think about it! There was always something wrong though. The people I hired looked good on paper, and they did well on their interviews. When they actually started working though, it was easy to see that they were absolutely not the right fit. I did not know what I was doing wrong, because there is just no way to know how a person will do once in place. I decided that I was going to look into executive recruiters after I had to fire my last VP of operations.

It was not that I didn’t have confidence in my selections, because like I said, there was just no way to know they weren’t a good fit until they started working. I did know that if I had more time though, I might have seen some of the things that were obvious in a working atmosphere. Since I did not have time to devote all of my attention to this, I decided to contract a company that does just that. I had heard of a headhunting company that has amazing results, so I went to their website to get more information.

I was impressed with everything that I saw, especially their experience and success rates. I was able to see the types of positions that they had filled in companies similar to mine, so it gave me tremendous confidence in their ability to find what I was not able to get on my own. It took a few weeks, but I did not mind because a fast appointment would have me questioning if they had truly looked at all of the candidates. The person that I ended up hiring was not only the perfect fit, but he was brilliant and innovative enough to help us go in a new direction as well!