Epidural Injections for Back Pain and Herniated Disc

Sometimes cases of herniated disc back pain and other forms of pain associated with spinal problems will eventually heal; a little rest, physical therapy and over the counter pain medication is all you need. But sometimes the back pain can be severe and debilitating. In those cases, epidural injections may provide temporary pain relief needed while the underlying condition is being treated with other therapies, or allowed to heal on its own. Steroidal epidural injections also provide the benefit of reducing inflammation, which contributes to herniated disc pain.

If you suffer from severe herniated disc back pain, and need dramatic pain relief, call the Back Pain and Herniated Disc Treatment Centers and request a consultation today.

What is an Epidural Steroid Injection? 
An epidural steroid injection delivers anti-inflammatory pain medication via a syringe for fast pain relief. As the name implies, the medication is injected into the epidural space around the spinal cord. The epidural space is filled with fat and small blood vessels, and surrounds the dural sac, which in turn surrounds the spinal cord, nerve roots and cerebrospinal fluid.

Typically the solution injected is a combination of a steroid, a local anesthetic, and saline. The steroid (cortisone) provides anti-inflammatory action. One of two different local anesthetics are commonly used: Lidocaine or Bupivacaine. Lidocaine is faster acting, but Bupivacaine provides longer term pain relief. The saline may be used in part to dilute the local anesthetic, and/or to flush out immunologic agents that are promoting inflammation.

How Long do the Effects Last? 
The duration of the pain relief provided can vary widely from patient to patient, depending on your condition. Some experience pain relief for several days, while others experience extended relief for several months.

How Many Injections Can I Have? 
It is common to receive a series of three injections, spaced about two weeks apart. However, some patients experience enough pain relief after the first injection that subsequent injections are not needed at that time.

In the event that the full three injections are received, you will have to wait six months to a year before you could receive another series of injections.

What are the Possible Side Effects? 
Some patients may experience flushing, sweating and heart palpitations for a few days after the injection. There may also be a temporary increase of pain as the medication takes effect. Temporary weight gain and an increase in blood sugars may also be experienced.

Rare side effects include accidental puncture of the dural sac, infection, and bleeding. In some cases no pain relief is experienced after the injection.

How Can I Find Out More? 
To learn more about epidural injections for spinal and herniated disc back pain, and to find out if this treatment would benefit your individual condition, call the Back Pain and Herniated Disc Treatment Centers to request an appointment today. Below is some better firm mattress idea for back pain relief.

Latex Mattress

Forget your preconceived notions about latex mattresses – it is true that synthetic latex used to be a dominant part of the industry, but today manufacturers are opting for natural latex foam that is derived botanically. The two different types of latex mattresses are Dunlop and Talalay. This means that the Dunlop or Talalay mattress you purchase and sleep on is fully biodegradable, sourced by tapping latex from rubber trees (much like sap would be for maple syrup) and comes from a renewable resource. Best of all, they are free of the volatile chemicals that are unpleasant and detrimental to a person’s health.

The Number Bed Advantage

Number beds, also known as “air mattresses,” are different than traditional mattresses with metal springs and coils. The Number bed is made up of durable air chambers for a gentle cushion of dual adjustable support. This means, not only can you adjust the exact firmness or softness of the surface you sleep on, couples can choose separate settings for their side of the bed. Number beds address a wide range of issues for people such as couples with different firmness preferences to those with spinal and other orthopedic issues.

Each person has their own unique number setting representing required firmness and support for their body. That number is between 0 and 100 and is manually entered in by the user via a remote that triggers an air pump to increase or decrease the amount of air in the bed’s air chambers.

Compare Select Comfort’s Sleep Number Beds to Dream Number Beds.

There are several manufacturers of digital number beds but the most well known are Dream Number Beds and Select Comfort. Select Comfort sells Sleep Number Beds and Dream Number Beds sells the Dream Number Bed. They are almost identical in construction, warranty and guarantee, with the Dream Number Beds clearly winning when it comes to prices.

Both offer multiple variations and options with their number beds such as the type of fabric, pillow top, and a combination of materials offering contouring support with multiple unique zones for more natural support for your body’s curves. Several base options are also available allowing you to adjust the bed at the head or foot, and preset your favorite positions at a click of a button.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Developed technology during the 1970’s as a material to relieve astronauts from the pressure of g-forces while in flight, memory foam wasn’t originally intended for mattresses. It took a little ‘outside the box’ thinking by a Swedish company to realize that the potential sleep benefits of the material were too great to be ignored. With a unique ability to mold to and support your body, this material had the ability to relieve more pressure than any previous type of foam. It also takes a long time to return to its original shape – the long-lasting impression of the shape of your body is what inspired its creators to coin the term ‘memory foam’.

So how does memory foam mattresses work? As opposed to innerspring mattresses, there are no separate parts. The incredibly durable polyurethane based foam is filled with billions of minuscule air pockets, which decompress when met with body weight and heat. As air releases, the person sleeping literally sinks into the bed, providing a floating sensation while balancing the body and aligning it correctly. Choosing the right thickness and density can control how much sink there is; the high-density foam will provide more support, while lower density foams will allow you to sink more, and the thicker the foam, the deeper you can go. Memory foam mattresses are generally several layers of varying density that help support and distribute the sleeper’s weight.

Memory foam is perfect for sleepers who like to feel snug, and enjoy the sensation of melting into a mattress. This is also best for sleepers who don’t turn much while sleeping, or wish to curb as much movement as possible. While the foam is great at minimizing movements and the chance of disturbing a sleeping partner, that also means there is no springiness to the mattress. But for a restful sensation that feels like floating, this is the mattress to get.

Read more about TV Brand memory foam and AngelBeds, two of the leading memory foam mattress providers in the nation.

How to Choose Apple Vs Pc Commercial Actors

The iPod was beginning to sell well. Apple receives and deserves a good deal of respect. It subconsciously rallies people around a common cause by using a combination of social, marketing and psychological tactics.

People enjoyed seeing the ads and wished to search for the subsequent one. The ad lets you know absolutely nothing about the business. You are able to watch the selection of ads from 2006 on at this website. If you dont, then you likely have better things to do than trying to wind up in an Apple ad. Even though the ad is another dig at Windows, within this instance most people today think that it’s fair. In the majority of cases, however, the real ads are lots funnier than the parodies. Most folks remember the timeless McDonalds ad that told consumers, You deserve a rest today.

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A History of Apple Vs Pc Commercial Actors Refuted

If you wish to make a new market, beware of being too early, and you might need to get started advertising it decades ahead of time. Moreover, consumers should know of Microsoft’s latest strategy to make Windows even more secure. A great deal of consumers will likely fall for this crap.

Most people may not get everything out of your merchandise or features they could. Its amazing to believe that anyone ever thought this would be an effective means to promote their product to any woman. If your products or services can help people reach their perfect state, don’t be scared to show it off. Show that it is in demand. If it solves a real need, don’t be afraid to tell people to get it. In case you were the very first mover with a solution or service, tell everyone about it. While yes, Apples products do sometimes carry some type of premium, for the large part you will receive a lot better constructed product.

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The Fight Against Apple Vs Pc Commercial Actors

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